enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

$149.00 159.00 Sale Save $10 (6% OFF)
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit
enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

$149.00 159.00 Sale Save $10 (6% OFF)

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The first ever teeth whitening kit clinically formulated by Australia's leading cosmetic dentists. Containing the highest levels of active Hydrogen Peroxide with a built-in anti-sensitivity agent. For an effective, yet comfortable way to whiten your teeth at home.

  • No sensitivity or irritation
  • Designed and formulated by Australia's leading cosmetic dentists
  • Removes smoking, coffee, soda, and wine stains instantly
  • The fastest clinically proven results on the market
  • Mess-free system with no product wastage
  • Free shipping and 30 day money-back guarantee 

enWhite has been developed by two of Australia's leading cosmetic dentists. With a combined experience of around 50 years, these dentists are routinely using Hydrogen Peroxide to whiten teeth.

enWhite has the highest legal concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide that can be sold over the counter worldwide. The composition of enWhite has been used safely by most dentists across the world to whiten teeth over many years, therefore results have been proven and are guaranteed!

The enWhite formula contains a built-in anti-sensitivity agent used by dentists worldwide, so that you can effectively whiten your teeth without causing any sensitivity or gum irritation.

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What’s included

LED device, charger, 3 x enPen brush applicators, shade guide, user manual.

Getting started

Begin the treatment any time throughout the day that's convenient for you. Ensure to brush your teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes before use.

Applying formula

Each enPen contains enough formula for 10 treatments. Remove the cap and twist the bottom to release the whitening formula. Apply to the top and bottom your teeth similarly to as if you were painting your nails, using enough to coat the surface of your tooth evenly.

Beginning the treatment

Power on the LED device by pressing the button. Press the button once for the cool blue light or twice for the red light and three times for the dual light.

The blue light induces phosphorescence that whitens teeth in combination with the formula, the red light kills bad breath causing bacteria, promoting healthy gums. The dual light does both, making the whitening process faster by 50%.

Place the mouthpiece of the device in your mouth and leave in until the device automatically powers off after 16 minutes.

Expel any excess gel and rinse mouth thoroughly with water.

Maintaining the device

Clean and dry the mouthpiece after each use with warm water.

6% Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide releases active oxygen radicles that work to effectively whiten teeth. It also breaks down stains and bacterial build up on teeth, so that you can enjoy a brighter, more confident smile.

The Australian government has permitted up to 6% Hydrogen Peroxide to be dispensed over the counter, as they consider it safe.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is a mixture of propylene oxide and water. The substance is also GMO-free and does not have any plant or animal origins making it Kosher-friendly and allergen-free.


Glycerin is a natural ingredient found in most oral care products to better preserve and sweeten them. A natural agent, glycerin helps retain the moisture of the formula so it doesn’t dry out inside the enPen applicator.


Water helps liquify the formula.


Carbomers are the most commonly used gelling agents in the manufacture of creams, ointments, and gels particularly meant for the application on mucous membranes.

Cellulose Gum

CMC (cellulose gum in toothpaste) is an important ingredient that plays the role of mixing evenly the fluid and solid raw materials in the formula, making it retain moderate thickness and improved brightness.


Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) us used as a suspending agent to prevent stains from sticking to tooth enamel.

Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate works to provide a more comfortable whitening experience, while helping to improve oral health. Potassium nitrate helps relieve sensitivity fast and usually has an effect that lasts 24 hours.


Menthol is a natural derivative of oils that are most commonly found in mint plants like peppermint. Menthol supports good oral health, leaves a clean mouth feel, lasting fresh breath, and white results.

Sodium Hydroxide

Also known as lye, sodium hydroxide is common in teeth whitening products. It is highly effective at eliminating deposits, such as protein deposits that comprise the pellicle coating within tooth enamel.

Designed and distributed by enWhite, Australia.

Formulated and clinically proven by Australia's leading cosmetic dentists

enWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

$149.00 159.00 Sale Save $10 (6% OFF)

Your day, uninterrupted.

On the go teeth whitening has never been easier. Live your day to day while enhancing your smile with our easy-to-use, wireless and compact technology.

Made with you in mind, whiten your teeth while putting on your make-up, before getting ready for the day, or even at night when you’re relaxing with a face mask.

Bring the dentist’s chair wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing.

Have questions? We've got you

Though PAP is very highly marketed, there is very little evidence-based studies that have proven their efficacy. At this point, the science behind PAP is very vague. Though PAP sellers claim to whiten teeth with absolutely no sensitivity, it is recommended that buyers do their research before purchasing.

The market is filled with whitening products. Some companies sell whitening pastes with whitening crystals in them. If those crystals are made of abrasives, to remove stains – then it gets iffy. Along with the stains, comes a thin layer of enamel. This is dangerous as tooth enamel cannot be replaced!

enWhite does not have any abrasives in it. It contains Hydrogen Peroxide as the only whitening component. Peer reviewed studies suggests 6% Hydrogen Peroxide to be extremely safe to whiten teeth.

Even long-term intermittent use of whitening does not show any irreversible changes to teeth.  enWhite is very SAFE for your teeth.

You most certainly can!

enWhite does not contain any abrasives and does not damage your teeth. Hydrogen Peroxide is known to cause transient sensitivity during the process of whitening. Though this sensitivity is reversible and transient, we have incorporated Potassium Nitrate that desensitises teeth while whitening.

However, if your teeth have leaking fillings or active dental decay, the peroxide can trigger sensitivity. It is best you consult your dentist in case you have severe sensitivity with enWhite usage as the cause of such hypersensitive reactions can be because of other underlying causes.

For more of our frequently asked questions, click here

It's time to fall back in love with your smile.

Grab a strong, grande size cup of confidence with whipped cream on top using enWhite’s teeth whitening formula, backed by leading Australian dentists and proven results.

Gone are the days of hiding your smile, or feeling insecure about your teeth. It’s time to regain your confidence; enWhite is your new best friend!